Private Money • Hard Money

Need To Close

Private Money Loans are based on equity and an Ability To Repay.  Interest Only Payments are typical during the life or term of a Non Bank Loan.

Non Bank Deals understand Time is Money.  Non Bank Lenders utilize an appraisal, escrow, title. Quick Close is the name of the game.  


Private Money Loans or Hard Money transactions are not so hard, really and like a traditional loan require commercial real estate or other collateral.

Terms are favorable to borrowers who want a fast turn-a-round, and we use traditional escrow and title company's to facilitate the movement of loan proceeds.


Closing Your Loan

CM Broker helps you cross the line on time.  Ensuring the loan is recorded, funded and the paper work is perfect is our way of doing business.  


Private Money ~ Hard Money Loans begin at $100,000 and can go as high as $10 Million.