Commercial Loan Terms



To estimate the maximum loan amount & least amount of down payment a current rent roll and operating expenses is used. 

  • A 25% Down is fair
  • A 35% Down is not fair

Re Finance Cash Out


To figure the amount of cash out available CM Broker needs your Rent Roll and Operating History.   Estimates are rule of thumb commercial loan terms.

  • Cash Out $ 500,000 up to 70% LTV
  • Cash Out $ 2 Million at 50% LTV

Pre Payment Options


A hard prepay penalty will extend through the sale of a property, a soft  does not.  

  • A stepdown option reduces the penalty gradually
  • A stepdown costs more than a hard prepay.



Lenders, even private money lender sometimes requests that a borrower provide tax returns,   

More often bank statements,  leases, rent rolls, operating statements and schedule of real estate owned are used by the lender who is analyzing the application. 

Non Recourse


When a loan is non-recourse it is non-recourse to the borrower.  

These loans are available for many property types.  Ratio under 50%, most loans, Multifamily to 75% LTV Non Recourse.   If you want a non-recourse loan let us know please.  

Acquisition/Development Tenant Improvements


We will help you coordinate the process and get you a Construction Loan.

Buying land, improving it for yourself or as investor are projects and the commercial loans may include Equipment, Installation, Transportation, Training, Working Capital even inventory.