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Shopping - For A Deal


Lenders appreciate their brokers, they like what we do for them and waste no time processing your application.   CM Broker is ready when you are to get you a great bank loan.

We Guaranty A Better Commercial Loan;  

The Better Bank Deal™ 

  • A Lower Interest Rate
  • A Longer Amortization
  • An Extended Term
  • No Balloon
  • Lower 3rd Party Costs 
  • A Better Bank Deal™  

Better Rates & Terms


CM Broker is your commercial real estate loan guru. There are some loans that are High LTV, Low DSCR but are limited in respect to property types.   Commercial lenders compete for your loan we find you the best deal.

Traditional Lenders Include:

  • Bank of America
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Key Bank
  • Bank of the West  

Local Lenders vary by State and County and include Credit Unions and Neighborhood Banks.

Best Multi Family Loans


CM Broker started with you needing a great loan.  At close we deliver what you expected sometimes a bank is the lender often not for Apartment deals.     

CM Broker oversees the process so we know you expect to have a best lender. The process for apartments often is unique with great loans tailored to meet the special needs of investors based on loan amount, for apartment owners only.